19/06/2018: “My Mind Went Blank” by DJ Screw feat. Point Blank


DJ Screw will go down in history as the man who perfected the “chopped n screwed” method of playing hip hop records slowed down, and scratching/rewinding them to create a sort of sticky, gloopy version.

Before his death in 2000 of a lean/purple drank overdose (a codeine cough mixture used as a drug in the deep south, especially Houston where the screwhead scene originates from), DJ Screw had applied his magic touch to a wide array of contemporaneous hip hop songs.

“My Mind Goes Blank” features Houston rapper Point Blank, and samples “At Your Best” by Aaliyah. The song is warped from her RnB classic into a classic DJ Screw cut, a hazy summertime jam that is in absolutely no hurry at all.

The song was released in 1995 on a compilation called Down South Hustlers – Bouncin’ And Swingin’, and later in 1998 on Bigtyme Vol II All Screwed Up, another compilation.

Many modern hip songs owe a lot to the styles pioneered by DJ Screw, so it’s no wonder the song doesn’t sound particular dated today.

A classic track.


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