19/09/2020: “Rainfall In Dub” by Versa

This one’s going for 100 quid on Discogs. It was only released in 2015 – but it makes sense, because it’s a very desirable plate!

Versa has been one of the most consistently brilliant dubstep producers on the ‘dubby’ side of the genre. This track encapsulates the potential of that sound. The space in between notes, in between frequencies. Everything has room to breathe. And breathe deeply.

The warm, earth shattering bassline is a melody in its own right. A smattering of swampy rhodes piano stabs echo throughout, gilding the weight with a light finesse.

The beat pulses along doggedly, scattering hi-hats and washed out snares in its wake.

A violin, vaguely oriental in nature, floats above the calm meditation in the latter half of the track. I think this song is a testament to the power of dubstep to move dancefloors and souls.

‘Rainfall In Dub’ was released in 2015 on the now legendary System records, backed with ‘Road To Righteousness’.

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