19/10/2018: “Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan wrote all sort of songs, from political protest songs to statements on life and death. But of course, he wrote some excellent love songs too.

Lay Lady Lay is a really nice song to listen to. There’s a certain warmness, from his voice as well as the resonant bass and the rich twang of the pedal steel guitar. The rhythm section has bongos and a cowbell during the verses, which makes for a vibrant listening experience. The choruses switch back to drums, which are slow and steady.

I think the steel pedal guitar sound works so well in this, giving it a slightly ethereal quality.

The lyrics are classic love song material, imploring the girl to stay. The song had got in trouble for being sexually themed, but apparently it isn’t. It seems wholesome enough to me…

The song was written originally for the movie “Midnight Cowboy”, but was then released as a single from the album Nashville Skyline¬†in 1969.

Such a classic!


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