20/05/2019: “Kunte Kinte” by The Revolutionaries

“Kunte Kinte” is one of reggae’s most recognisable riddims, especially due to the flute-like melody at the start.

The dub version by Channel One’s prolific in-house band, The Revolutionaries, highlights the best parts of the riddim, which is catchy, infused with dread vibes, and heavy to boot.

The bassline is a star to be honest, giving the song an easy bounce. But just as much, the shuffling drums inject a further vitality to the tune, destroying dances the world over.

It’s the mark of a great reggae song when it can be a dance tune and a chillout tune at the same time, and “Kunte Kinte” nails that!

The song was recreated by Congo Natty as a jungle hit in the 1990s, showing the powerful resonance the melody has over generations…

“Kunte Kinte” was released in 1976 on Channel One, and was re-released in 2007.

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