20/07/2018: “Around The World” by Daft Punk


Daft Punk are the ones with the iconic robot heads. Very space age… but very retro!

“Around The World” is from their 1997 album, Homework. It was a massive hit and has become something of a club classic.

The song is built around the (admittedly extremely repetitive) vocal sample, which is a vocoder “around the world”. If you didn’t know the song’s name and heard it on the radio, you could probably have a good guess!

The song isn’t monotonous however; the bassline is vibrant and ever shifting, keeping the funk levels very high.

The thing that draws me in to the song is the synth beep melody. It’s one of those classic electronic riffs that makes the song instantly recognisable and super catchy. When they came up with that in the studio they were doubtless overjoyed…



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