05/09/2020: “Coconut” by Pierre De La Touche

I could never say no to a good slice of disco. If I had one issue, it’s that there’s a lot to work your way through – as is the case with all great genres!

But as every music fan will know, it’s worth it when you stumble across a gem like this. Released in 2011 on the Superclub EP, “Coconut” is a solid 4 minutes of Nu-Disco groove.

A mesh of guitar and synth samples skilfully weave together, underpinned by an exuberant bassline and a more reserved drum beat. The overall effect is sweet with a touch of the tropical – like a well mixed Pina Colada on a Maldivian beach!

Infectious – but in a good way…

Normal service resumes!

Life sometimes gets hectic, and the events of the last year have made it difficult to catch up with the backlog I had built up after some time away.

After some reflection, I’ve decided that the best way to move this project forward is to clear the slate – skipping February to August 2020 and focusing on the original aim of the blog, delivering a short piece on one song per day.

I think this will give me a renewed sense of motivation and open up more time to draft some longer articles too!

So, I hope you will continue to join me on the journey and discover music new and old – one great song, every single day!