21/03/2019: “Ddoje Facce” by Nu Guinea

This is pure disco gold. But it isn’t from the 70s or 80s. This song was released in 2018, on the album Nuova Napoli. 

It’s midway between disco and funk, with a slow beat, some Jazzy keys, a sweet synth hook, and some chilled guitar strumming.

There’s also some decent vocals on display, which add to the African inspired feel of the track.

The vibe is very Balearic, which makes sense because Nu Guinea are Italian, and disco producers from Italy seem to have a 6th sense for that stuff!

The album was made with the help of local Neapolitan musicians, whose playing gives a great sense of life to the recording.

It’s a very spacious track, which makes the lush instrumentation even more powerful.

They say they don’t make it like they used to; but with songs like this, does it really matter?

Funky stuff.

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