21/04/2018: “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc.


The 80s gets a bad rep sometimes, in terms of fashion and music. But there’s a whole load of songs from the 80s that will still rock in 100 years!

Funkytown came out first on 1979’s Mouth to Mouth, but was released as a single in 1980. So tentatively, I’m going to class it as a 80s jam. It just seems so 80s!

As a single, it was number one all over the Western world. Listening to it, you can see why: the beeping synth hook is just phenomenal. The rhythm just drives forward, with the more restrained verses chugging along under the arm of the bassline, until the vocal chorus, “Talk about, talk about, talk about movin'”,  then the song breaks down into a strings and guitar riff that completely switches the song up.

It’s just packed full of melodies to be honest; check out music radar’s dissection.

This song is just a guaranteed groove. If this gets stuck on at a party and nobody moves, it’s probably time for bed.


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