21/11/2018: “Come On Home” by Lijadu Sisters

The Lijadu sisters make good times music. It’s sunny, everyone is feeling good, and life is great!

The actual sound, close as it is to being sonic sunshine, fuses Afro-beat and traditional Nigerian sounds with western styles such as disco and funk, even to the extent that they sing in both English and Yoruba.

“Come On Home” is a cheerful song, with a limber bassline driving the piece forward, and some carefree piano riffs decorating the soundscape like sea shells on a lush beach.

The singing is of course tremendously soulful, with a special sort of harmoniousness that is easily explained by the fact that the duo are identical twins.

It’s quite a slow song, with a chilled out, contented nature.

The song is from the 1979 album Horizon Unlimited. The two stopped making music in the 80s, but recently came out of retirement to perform a William Onyeabor tribute show.

Truly brilliant!

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