22/09/2019: “It’s Nothing To Me” by Sanford Clark

Country music has produced a slew of dark songs with lyrics about fights and murders. More than a few came from Leon Payne (aka Pat Patterson), a blind songwriter who also wrote the weird cult classic “Psycho”.

Sanford Clark released this song as himself, but it is also sometimes credited to “Harry Johnson”.

The song tells of a bar fight, caused by a drunk guy getting too close to the wrong lady, and getting killed for it.

The delivery is stone cold, a fantastic example of outlaw country music. The deep and matter of fact tone of voice used here is perfectly menacing.

The song is arranged around the country core of a simple double bass and unadorned drum part. But the distorted violin adds a darker tone, and of course, the cowboy-esque twang of the guitar.

“It’s Nothing To Me” was first released in 1957, by Loy Clingwood. Sanford Clark recorded his version a decade later, in 1967.

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