22/11/2020: “Surfin’ Dead” by The Cramps

The Cramps are one of the craziest bands ever. Their pioneering status in punk marks them out as legends regardless of their other attibutes.

But, from Lux Interior’s freakish performances, his wife Poison Ivy’s deadpan playing, and their horror show mish-mash of punk and rockabilly which laid the foundation for Psychobilly.

This track adds a third genre to the mix – one which filters through in some of the sounds that the band uses more widely. Can you guess what it is?

The clue’s in the name – it’s Surf Rock!

The eerie twangs and echoes set the stage for a typically Cramps horror themed track, brain soup and all…

The song came out in 1983 on The Cramps’ live album, Smell of Female, as a bonus track.

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