23/03/2019: “Policeman Skank… (The Story Of My Life)(Freestylers Rinse Out Mix) by Audioweb

The original version of this song is okay, I suppose. It’s a fast and uplifting pop tune, with no shortage of catchy riffs and and fun little breakbeat.

That said, the Freestylers mix is just much better. The song builds in the elements of the song gradually, with the altogether better breaks starting proceedings off.

Then the reggae skank enters the scene, keeping the groove locked down. The horns blare out like the horns of Jericho, warning of the warping dread bassline to follow.

If anything, the remix just proves how much unnecessary sound was clogging up the soundscape of the original!

The sound is much harder, and uses the reggae elements of the original in a much more prominent way.

The original and the remix came out together in 1998. It’s a shame this sort of thing never seems to be as popular these days. The original climbed to number 21 on UK Top 40.

Bring back the breaks!

Wicked business…

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