23/06/2019: “Jibaro” by Electra

The original “Jibaro” is by Colombian duo Elkin and Nelson, and was released in 1974. It’s a great tune, a lovely rare Latin disco song.

That said, I do love this 80s cover. It’s a real Balearic classic, by Paul Oakenfold’s band. The song is transformed into a sun soaked stomper, without losing the passion of the original.

A Jibaro is a traditional Puerto Rican farmer, and the Latin influences are preserved here.

The horns in particular are anthemic in the extreme. The delay fx vocals are also effortlessly sing-along.

The beat is a pretty solid late 80s House drum machine one, with the distinctive snare sounds crashing through the mix.

The song was released in 1988, at the beginning of Ibiza’s transformation into the Balearic beat paradise, and way before its descent into 8 euro waters and trashy holiday resorts…

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