23/07/2018: “No Good (Start The Dance) by The Prodigy

The Prodigy were the only real super stars to emerge from the UK Hardcore scene in the early 90s. Despite its huge impact, the scene has never attained the mainstream and critical kudos of later genres such as drum & bass.

“No Good (Start The Dance)” is from the second album by the Prodigy, entitled¬†Music For The Jilted Generation,¬†released in 1994.

This album loses a lot of the more straight up hardcore sound of the 1992 album experience, in part because the glory days of rave were over.

The song is built around a vocal sample by Kelly Charles, from the 1987 song “You’re No Good For Me”. The rest is a simple but effective combination of rave synths, pacy breakbeats, and moody bass growls.

It’s fundamentally a dance song, but still stands out from much of the music released today. It’s superbly produced, brimming with energy, and cuts a good balance between underground edge and pop appeal.

Banging tune.

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