23/10/2020: “Mademoiselle De Paris” by Michel Legrand

In the 50s, a style of classical music called “Easy Listening” became popular. Instead of multi-part epics of the traditional vein with complex musical motifs, you had short, light pieces with easy melodies.

It’s just kind of, well, easy to listen to. In this piece, from 1954’s I Love Paris, we are treated to a breezy selection of light strings and floating flutes. It’s like a sonic mojito – resplendent with summery goodness.

Legrand was only 22 when he wrote this album, kicking off a fruitful career spanning most of the 20th century, over which he created over 200 soundtracks and albums. He won three Oscars and five Grammys, plenty enough for anyone!

At the heart of this success, I think, is a natural understanding of how to create music that’s truly and utterly nice!

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