24/02/2019: “Atlantis (I Need You)” by LTJ Bukem

Technically, this is a remix of a hardcore track, the superb “Return To Atlantis” by Apollo 2, of which LTJ Bukem was a member. That song samples the bleeps from “Surkit” by Reel by Real, a 1990 techno banger.

It’s one of the most iconic tracks of the “Intelligent” sub-genre of Drum & Bass, and provides a master class in atmospherics. LTJ Bukem is a versatile producer, but this style finds him at his best.

The syncopated 808 bass hits deep, providing much of the dancefloor appeal of the track. The drums are programmed exquisitely, with a fluid and interesting breakbeat.

The intro is dreamy, which sets the tone for the song as a whole. There’s an otherworldly, yet reassuringly relaxing feeling to the song.

There’s also a spread of conga drums for the middle section, where the relaxing feeling intensifies.

The song was released in 1993 as the B side to the Apollo Two version, although it is arguably more famous than the original.

A glorious track!

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