24/05/2019: “Daylight” by RAMP

RAMP is an acronym, standing for Roy Ayers Music Productions. It’s a group which he isn’t actually in, instead helping the members write and produce songs.

His musical creativity is brought to bear here alongside the funk legend Edwin Birdsong and William Allen.

The group is heavy on vocalists, especially these days, but they originally had two singers instead of four like they do now.

“Daylight” is a chilled out rare groove jam, with a definite smoothness characteristic of Roy Ayers and anything he touches.

There’s a lot of space in the song, with the cool as ice bass twanging slowly under some dreamy keys and a crystal clear rim shot. The guitar is soulful and

The vocals are about positivity, overcoming darkness with light.

The song is from the group’s only album, the highly acclaimed Come Into Knowledge, released in 1977 and now a highly sought after LP.

The track also featured on the GTA IV soundtrack.

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