24/09/2020: “Jasadik-Hom” by DAM

Arabic music doesn’t feature on most English speakers’ playlists. Arabic singing is very different – disarmingly so. In many ways, Arabic allows a completely different intonation.

But what about Arabic rap?

I like it. There’s something there in the guttural expression – something quite beautiful in a certain way.

The title of this song means “Your Body Of Theirs”, which gives some clues as to the feminist content of the song. It’s basically saying ‘don’t judge’.

DAM are a Palestinian hip-hip group based in Israel, with strong feminist and anti-racist ideals. The situation over there can lend a political character to even the most innocuous songs, but its not something the group shy away from.

It helps that the beat is spot on. It’s futuristic, heavy, and dark.

The song was released in 2019, on the album BEN HAANA WA MAANA.

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