25/03/2019: “Sunshine” by Submotion Orchestra

Submotion Orchestra make some seriously classy music. Most of it can be characterised as jazz tinged with dubstep.

“Sunshine” is a spacious and sultry track, layering washed out reverbed keys with delay heavy horns and the lovely vocals of lead singer Ruby Wood.

The drums are dubby and jazzy at the same time, with a rolling feel.

The bassline is very much a dubstep one, with a heavy sub bass which boils over into a growling wobble at times.

It’s a very chilled out song, showing that it’s not always best to cram as many notes into the song as possible.

That said, the complexity of the song does increase slightly as the song goes on. By the end, the full interplay of the elements is revealed, interlinking and weaving into a tapestry of jazzy stabs and dubby echos.

The song was released on the group’s debut album in 2010, entitled Submotion¬†E.P.¬†

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