26/02/2019: “I Wanna Be Down” by Brandy

Ideally, this blog would have a complete range of genres, with no preference given to any.

However, that is not how it works in practise. I have recently noticed that there is pretty much no 90s or 00s R’n’B, which is a shame because it was a hugely significant thing, and there were a lot of talented singers involved.

Brandy was one of the biggest stars of that movement, becoming one of the best selling female artists ever!

“I Wanna Be Down” was her debut single, and shot her to success.

It’s a great example of a 90s Contemporary R’n’B track, although the beat is pretty heavy, with a deep bassline. The rest is sultry enough, with a light and funky synth, perfectly complementing her wonderful singing voice.

The song is about love, and her attempts to win over a guy. This doesn’t make it stand out from the crowd in terms of 90s R’n’B, as you might expect!

The song was released in 1994, ahead of her self-titled debut album.

A great tune.

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