26/05/2018: “Last Nine Days” by Quasimode


The first time I remember hearing “Last Nine Days” by Quasimode, was actually when it played on shuffle on one of my own playlists. Quite how it had snuck onto their without me recognising how good it was will remain one of life’s great unsolved mysteries.

Quasimode are a jazz quartet from Japan, formed in 2002. However, the jazz they play has a very classic sort of feel to it, nodding to the masters like John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

“Last Nine Days” is underpinned by a relatively simple piano motif, and coasts along on a smooth bass line, and cascade of piano notes, and a latin sounding percussion part. And of course, the jazz trumpet plays a rather soothing melody over the top.

The song presents a very chilled out soundscape, without being lifeless in any way. For me, a song like this represents a perfect balance of being creative with melodies and harmonies in jazz music without becoming too formless.

Very easygoing, but still hardhitting…

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