26/05/2019: “Kadia Blues” by Orchestre De La Paillote

This song shows the diversity of African music. Much of the music that is popular among Western audiences tends towards the funky, afrobeat persuasion.

“Kadia Blues” is a mournful, reverb drenched slice of contemplation, like a cross between the wild west and early dub music.

The hooks in the song are from the trumpet and guitar, alternating and sometimes entwining, and both helping to evoke a melancholy mood.

The bass part sounds very modern, almost like some long lost cousin of a rocksteady bassline. The slow purposefulness of the rhythm section goes a long way towards creating the sad atmosphere of the song.

Orchestre De La Paillote are from Guinea, and in their original incarnation were called Syli Orchestre National, created as part of President Sekou Toure’s drive to promote Guinean music. The group then became
Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis.

The song was released on Syliphone records, on the album Orchestre De La Paillotte ‎– Volume 2, and was released either in 1967 or 1968.


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