26/06/2018: “Tears” by Hijak

white label

The sampling is pretty heavy here… the song is basically the intro to “No More Tears” by Teedra Moses, with a heavy bassline and more drums.

But to me, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hijak  (Skream’s brother, incidentally) has re-purposed the original neo-soul groove into a soulful dubstep classic.

The new song is both a banger, with it’s hard hitting sub bass and shuffling halftime drums, but still manages to retain the soul and emotion of the original to a degree I would consider perfectly satisfactory!

The song has been around in a few iterations, but the main difference is the intro, so the version released in 2012 as a white label backed with “Butcha” can be viewed as standard. The song was originally released in 2008, but in a very limited run.



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