27/03/2019: “Into The Bloom” by Claes Rosen

Claes Rosen is one half of dubstep duo L-Wiz. However, his solo recordings present an altogether different style.

“Into The Bloom” is a warm and relaxing piece of Balearic heaven. Straddling the line between downtempo house and disco, the song has a strong ambient feeling, given its fullest expression by the dreamy organ-like pad, which drifts ecstatically in the background.

The drums are lively but not frantic, making use of a softer rimshot to keep things from boiling over.

There’s a fairly nondescript female vocal chop and a casually plucked string instrument too, polishing off the song and raising it to extremely high levels of class!

The rest of the synths are suitably reverbed and ready for the next sunset beach party…

The bassline is lowkey, but part of that is because it’s very low pitched. It is most definitely there, adding yet more warmth and weight.

The song was released in 2011 as part of a remix E.P.

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