27/04/2019: “Down In A Hole” by Alice In Chains

If you say “Seattle” and “Grunge”, most people will naturally think of Nirvana. But there was a whole scene, and one of the other bands to break out in the early 90s were Alice In Chains.

In fairness, Alice In Chains as a band had more of a metal lineage. This makes this song more unusual. When guitarist Jerry Cantrell came up with this, he thought the band might not like it, because it was a bit soft, written as it was for his girlfriend…

However, the band decided to do it, and they did it well. It’s a strange song because it is both depressing and uplifting at the same time. The late Layne Staley is the lead vocalist, but they sing together really well.

The main guitar riff is a simple, yet slightly unnerving progression, adding to the slightly paranoid feeling of the song as a whole.

The song was released in 1992 on the album Dirt.

This song shows their class.

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