27/08/2018: “Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix) by Fat Freddy’s Drop

Digital Mystikz are one of the most respected dubstep outfits around, having been formed at the very start of dubstep, helping to shape the sound as it grew.

Consisting of Croydon duo Mala and Coki, most releases under the name are actually produced by one or the other, rather than Mala and Coki together.

In this case, the remix of “Cay’s Crays” was produced by Mala, and includes his melodica playing.

Released in 2006, it’s a spacious yet weighty tune, with a heavy bassline, minimal yet effective vocals, an echoing, eerie piano, and the futuristic sounds of the melodica.

It has a lot of staying power outside of the club environment, but remains firmly grounded in soundsystem culture.


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