27/09/2019: “Le Voie Le Soleil” by Subliminal Cuts

A track like this is truly timeless. It’s rave gold, with all the right elements to put you in a trance. The rhythm section is faultless, using drum breaks over the top of a 4 to the 4 beat to create a perfect swing.

The bass is lowkey but funky, accentuating the natural rhythm of the drums brilliantly.

The melody is provided by a stellar, euphoric piano riff. A good piano riff like this is what make old school piano house songs so special; they’re so infectious, and so joyous.

Subliminal Cuts is an alias of Dutch producer Patrick Prins, well known for an eclectic range of ravey tracks. Holland has always had a great dance music scene, and it’s producers like him we have to thank for it.

“Le Voie Le Soleil” came out in 1994, which really does seem to have been such a great year for music…

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