28/05/2018: “I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4hero Remix) by Nuyorican Soul


In 1997, 4hero took the Nuyorican Soul (Masters At Work) version of the classic 1971 track by The Rotary Connection, with some standardly cracking vocals by Minnie Riperton, and turned it into a downtempo breakbeat banger.

4hero have been around a while in the UK dance music scene, producing music ranging from techno, to breakbeat, to drum and bass. This particular scene has a definite drum and bass influence, but it is debatable whether the song is strictly a D’n’B one. The group have released jungle under the alias of “Tom & Jerry”, so 4hero is an outlet for their more innovative material.

The song actually doesn’t deviate much from the original soul version until halfway; at that point, the bass becomes more recognisably a dance sub bass, and the breakbeat intensifies. The remix does a great job at preserving the silky, warm glow of the original song, keeping the vibes nice and sunny.

The song is just drenched with a soulful warmth in the same way as “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”, featured earlier on this blog. The Masters At Work  hip-hop remix of their own track is also pretty great, but the fact is, the 4hero remix is just fantastic.

It comes together so well; the strings, the synths, the pianos, the lush arpeggios, and of course those wonderful vocals!

What a beautiful song…

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