28/06/2018: “Hard Noize” by Dillinja


“Hard Noize” may well be my favourite drum & bass tune, at least of the less “intellectual” type of D’n’B anyway!

For one thing, the bass is absolutely monstrous. On big speakers, this song will vibrate your eyeballs…

But really, this song shows how Dillinja is such a master at constructing a dancefloor hit that can captivate an audience for 5 minutes without getting old.

The song opens with an eerie selection of beeps and crackles with strong delay effects, before quickly dropping into the main beat.

As is often the case with this sort of thing, simplicity is key, and here is no exception. The bassline goes up and down a scale, and the drums clap away with a 2 step beat (with some well timed breaks). Then, midway through, the second bassline comes into play, making the song even heavier.

The release was a 12″ single in 1998 with Lemon D as well, backed with”Fluid”.

What a belter of a tune!

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