29/01/2019: “Stuck In The System” by Joker

Joker has crafted a very distinctive sound within the space of Dubstep and Grime.

Part of the “purple sound” set of mainly Bristol based Dubstep producers, Joker has made music that uses a lot of Nintendo-esque synths, giving it a retro feel, but tends to switch between grime-y beats and more cinematic, epic songs.

He now self releases stuff on his Kapsize label, and consistently puts out big tunes.

“Stuck In The System” is one of Joker’s earlier productions, and is in fact his first official release.

The song juxtaposes a meaty, growling grime bassline with a delectable selection of strings, creating a very expansive track. The snare drum echos emphatically, creating a dubby yet ferocious beat.

There’s a contrast between the sparser “verses” and the rich, thematic “choruses” which bring all the elements together.

The strings are from “Remarkable Things” , part of the 1997 Red Corner film soundtrack by Thomas Newman, although they are heavily edited.

The 2007 KapsizeĀ E.P. on which “Stuck In The System” is released is dedicated to DJ Kapsize; this is also the namesake of Joker’s label.


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