29/05/2019: “Nutville” by Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich is often viewed as being the best Jazz drummer of all time. Even if he wasn’t the best, he is almost certainly the most famous, and most charismatic.

His frenetic style is engaging and powerful, laying down a constant stream of snares, hi hats and cymbals.

“Nutville” was composed by Horace Silver and released in 1966. That version is quite similar in pace and tone, but it lacks one thing: Buddy Rich’s intense drumming.

The big band style which Buddy Rich’s bands employed was slightly anachronistic at the time he recorded this. Still, you could never accuse him of being stale or fusty.

The drums are joined with a raucous chorus of horns, organs and bass, forging a track which is both fun and intricate.

The song was released in 1973, on The Roar of ’74.

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