29/06/2019: “Getting Nasty” by Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm

Ike Turner was one of the central figures behind the evolution of rock n roll from blues. His 1951 hit, “Rocket 88”, is widely considered the first rock n roll song.

This song is a bit different from the style he normally pursued, incorporating a lot more funkiness than the fast paced rock n roll he was known for.

Billy Preston plays the piano superbly on this, using a some simple chord progressions to jam and groove effortlessly. It’s infectious without being too superficial.

The bassline echoes the piano, and you can almost feel the band’s synergy, working together so smoothly. The drums have a little step to them, reinforcing that wonderful jive feeling.

The whoops and shouts in the background contribute to that; it really does come across as a quick session of friends. In fairness, it was laid down in a studio session in his free time while touring.

The song was released in 1969, on the album A Black Man’s Soul.

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