29/09/2018: “Peso” by A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is one of the most interesting rap stars around right now. Although he generally recycles the same rapper tropes as his contemporaries, he has consistently evolved his sound, rapping over beats that could almost be called experimental at times.

“Peso” is very much in line with this Soundcloud rap aesthetic. With its dreamy riffs and hazy production, it conjures up visions of clouds and sunny days, but without sacrificing that gritty East Coast feel that comes from the A$AP Mob’s Harlem roots.

The song samples the first few seconds of The S.O.S Band’s “No One’s Gonna Love You” from 1984, but slows it down from its original twinkle to a spaced out float.

The lyrics are standard for modern rap; mainly it’s girls, drugs and money as opposed to violence, but one of the quirks of A$AP Rocky is that he really loves his fashion. Instead of Gucci or Armani, he gives Rick Owens as a fashion staple. The prices seem exorbitant to me but it’s obviously serious fashionista stuff…

The song is the lead single from the 2011 mixtape, Live. Love. A$AP., and is also his debut single. No wonder he got big so quick.

An instant classic!

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