29/09/2020: “La Leyenda Del Tiempo” by Camaron De La Isla

For an artist specialising in flamenco, this kind of music is a big step away from tradition. So much so, that the album this is drawn from has since been viewed as a key milestone in the development of ‘new flamenco’.

However, as an English speaker, I have to say that I’m not too fussed – ‘real’ flamenco is still out there!

What this is, though, is fun. Camaron’s intensely performed vocals swell with passion, and rip through the song with gusto. There are naturally a few flamenco based elements, with a speedily picked guitar, and an array of clapping.

The rhythm section is energetic, with a bass part careering up and down, while the drums rattle out a military-esque beat.

The song was released in 1979, on an album of the same name.

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