29/12/2018: “1969” by The Stooges

The 60s was one of music’s most prestigious decades. So much innovation, a cultural revolution, the music of the youth.

That’s part of the reason why this song is called “1969”. Iggy Pop recognised that it just sounds a lot more iconic than, in his words, 1971. Which is very true. It also was the year the song was made, and that’s also fair enough.

It chronicles the frustration of being a band trying to break through, and the lackadaisical attitude of youth, in particular his band…

The song songs rough, and very much a 60s track. It’s got a crunchy, rumbling bassline pushing things forward, with a rolling and vaguely tribal drum section , which has a funky, off kilter feel to it.

There’s not a lot of vocals, but the lyrics are pretty cool. Iggy Pop excels at this kind of thing, with his iconic voice sounding very young!

The guitar is quite mental, and has been recognised by Rolling Stone magazine as the 35th best guitar song ever. The rhythm guitar strums over the top with two chords, and the solo guitar wahs and spits over the top, with a layer of crusty effects giving it a trippy feeling.

The song was released on The Stooges in 1969, which is viewed as a forerunner to punk.

Very cool!

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