30/05/2018: “Money” by Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd certainly have their share of grandiose projects; 20 minute long songs, ambient stuff, wild musings.

But the particular aspect of Pink Floyd embodied by a song like “Money” is much more pop orientated, and far catchier. It’s not really like their other stuff at all.

“Money” is on the legendary 1973 album, The Dark Side Of The Moon. The song begins with the ultra-catchy bassline, and a the sound of a very musical cash register!

The track is quite a chilled one, but by Pink Floyd standards it zips along at a fair pace.

The off kilter feel of the song is partly down to the use of a non-standard 7/4 time signature, apart from the brilliant guitar solo, which is done in a normal 4/4 time.

A lovely bluesy song!

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