30/07/2018: “Bouree” by Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull is an English band who have made a lot of weird and wonderful music over the years, from blues rock, folk rock, prog rock, and much that fills the gaps in between those subgenres.

“Bouree” uses a melody from a Bach compostion, kicking off with a flute rendition of the original lute piece, Bouree in E minor. It’s a jazzy take on a classic composition.

The melody is also used to great effect in the long running musical, “Jesus Christ Superstar” in the song “This Jesus Must Die”.

Jethro Tull’s take on the song is jazzy, funky, whimsical, and quite brilliant! It’s a great use of jazz flute. The flute is often used for very serene pieces, neglecting the liveliness it can muster when asked.

The song was released in 1969 on the album Stand Up.

Who says Bach is boring?!

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