30/08/2018: “Cracking The Code” by Mad Professor

If King Tubby can be considered the father of dub music, then Mad Professor is one of the first children. He is one of the second generation of producers who helped to push the sound forward, adding new techniques and new ideas.

He was born in Guyana but moved to England at age 13, where he began experimenting with reggae music.

The track features some vocals from “Why Wicked Man” by Dennis Nolan, and was released in 1997 one of the albums in the Black Liberation series, specifically number 4, called Under The Spell Of Dub. 

The track begins with a heavy cascade of dubby strings, before kicking in with a powerful bassline, with heavily dubbed out drums, and a guitar lick. The effects are laid on heavily, and the song is thick with the textures of the drums and guitar skanks.

The complexity of the various elements in the track is almost symphonic at times; try following one individual song part and see how it bounces off the rest.

First class dub music!

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