31/05/2019: “Capricorn” by George Duke

George Duke was one of the more visionary Jazz artists, with a prolific and varied creative output. He tended towards the Jazz-fusion style, but incorporated a lot of genres into his often eclectic music.

A lot of his songs involve singing, but I have to admit I’m just not a fan of his voice. As songs like this prove, he can express himself perfectly fine without it anyway…

The song is a slow and steady jam, with a bluesy feeling and relaxed contentment seeping from it.

His skills as a keyboardist are evident here, with a knack for building up simple and catchy melodies into much more intricate and impressive sections.

Some wordless vocals are incorporated into the track, adding a more gospel-esque refinement. Heavenly soul beams out of every note!

The song was released in 1974 on Faces In Reflection.

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