01/01/2019: “Hear My People” by Landslide

Hospitality Records is now one of the most renowned labels in Drum & Bass. But although it is now firmly a D’n’B label, in the past it had a wider range of styles.

Landslide’s music is somewhere on the boundary between U.K. Garage, Breakstep, and Future Jazz. He released a more D’n’B influenced album, called¬†Drum & Bossa¬†in 2000, but his style from about 2001-2004 is eclectic and quite experimental.

“Hear My People” is a jazzy masterpiece, with a selection of really soulful vocals and keys adorning a surprisingly heavy dance floor ready beat. It’s quite a busy sound melodically, and the layers of sound weave into a very musical scene. There’s also a G-Funk squeal that is almost like a Nintendo sound, but works here in a very classy fashion.

The rhythm section is frenetic, with a break-y drum beat reminiscent of early dubstep, and a rounded, warm bassline. There’s a definite Latin feeling to the song, mainly due to the swing of the drums.

The track was released in 2001 as a 12″ single, with a dub mix that sounds completely different.

So underappreciated!

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