01/03/2019: “Serious” by Jme

Pronounced J M E, these 3 letters stand for quality production, smart bars, and a decent flow.

It means Jamie Adenuga, who is Skepta’s brother. However, to pigeonhole him as “Skepta’s little brother” means skipping the massive contribution Jme made to Grime’s history.

He’s one of the MC/Producers who excels at both, and has a distinctive flow and a distinctive production style.

The word “Serious” pops up a lot in a certain era of Jme, being something of a catchphrase. The song “Serious” is a classic Grime track, which is a sermon against violence and anger in the Grime scene, and the fakeness it can lead to.

It also calls out the unimaginative nature of a lot of Grime lyrics, with a trademark humour.

It also just happens to be a massive banger in itself!

Jme doesn’t seem to be doing loads of new music these days unfortunately, but he does appear as a featured artist on other tracks a fair bit.

The song is from Famous?, a 2008 album.

Seriously good!

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