28/02/2019: “Brand New Revolution” by Guts

This song feels like it could have been made in the 80s. It’s got the fresh funky magic of that era, after all.

However, it’s actually only 7 years old. And far from being backwards looking, it feels new and exciting.

There’s a number of fantastic elements in this. The vocals, although simple, are super catchy, and are sampled from the excellent 1980 funk song “Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution” by Bro Valentino .

In fairness, the main beeping melody is sampled from the original as well. And the bassline. And the trumpets. But I do prefer the beefed up modern version, even if the sample seems at times as if it’s been squeezed in.

The spirit of the 80s version remains intact, only with a bit more of a dance weight.

The Guts version was released in 2012, on the album Paradise For All. The song was featured on GTA V, which had pretty amazing radio stations in my opinions, bringing it to a wider audience, as the YouTube comment will attest to!


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