01/03/2021: “Shock Me” by KISS

It’s fairly easy to spot a KISS devotee going to a concert. That’s because many of them will sport the band’s trademark face paint. KISS are one of rock’s biggest icons, with a distinctive look backed with an almost quintessential American hard rock sound.

“Shock Me” is quite literally based on a time where the guitarist, Ace Frehley, was electrocuted. However, as they were a famous 70s rock band determined to live up to their reputation, the song is fairly transparently about sex. Obviously.

The song is marked out by the wicked guitar work. First, the main rhythm guitar plays a great, throaty riff underlined by the bass. Then later, the guitar solo screams and soars majestically for a couple of ecstatic, electrically charged minutes.

You can hear the track on 1977’s LoveĀ Gun. But do make sure you don’t wear your headphones in the rain, in case you gain a deeper appreciation of the meaning…

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