01/06/2018: “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

fortunate son

This song is very political, but I’m not choosing it for that. I’m picking it because it is catchy…

The song kicks off with a drum break, some light guitar riffing, and a pulsating bass part. The singing is a classic hard rock growl, which suits the militant tone of the song perfectly.

Further on, the song retains the energy of the start, but the guitar is still restrained, with the bass and drums pushing the song forward, leaving space for John Fogherty’s vocals to come through strongly.

It was released in 1969, and became an anti-Vietnam war anthem. Really, the song is about class rather than the war itself, but it was released at a very important time for the anti-war movement.

Standing alone, it remains a classic rock song and a powerful statement on the status quo.


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