02/06/2018: “Love And Death” by Ebo Taylor


Ebo Taylor was a key figure in the 1970s Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat scenes. “Love And Death” originally appeared on Conflict in 1980, but was the title track of a reworked selection of songs released in 2010 as well.

It’s a tasty feast of jazz-funk goodness, starting with a short breakdown before the triumphant trumpet riff, some off beat drumming, and a funky bassline all drop into place. In the background a guitar plucks along in a very easy going manner.

Taylor’s vocals are perfectly capable, starting with an English bit before doing the rest of the song in Ghanaian. “Love and death, walk hand in hand”.

It’s another African song that makes for easy listening, and the influence of Fela Kuti on Taylor is very much in evidence.

Lovely stuff.


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