01/09/2018: “ARP3” by Floating Points

Floating Points is actually a Dr in neuroscience. Add that to his amazing musical skills, and you have yourself one very talented guy.

The music Floating Points makes is a sort of jazzy house, playing with abstract ambient soundscapes while remaining rooted in bass music and house.

“ARP3” is from the¬†Shadows¬†E.P. in 2011, one of 5 tracks, and is driven by a powerful bassline, which rumbles away menacingly in the background.

The percussion is basically a 4 to the floor house beat, only with a bit of syncopation going on to keep thing interesting.

The dreamy melodies are provided by a combination of some drawn out rhodes organ chords (a jazz staple), and some groovy synth stabs.

It’s a long song, but not boring; it’s a calm, reflective groover.

Still kicks hard though!

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