02/08/2018: “Mermaid Of Bahia” by Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx have made a lot of interesting tunes, of various styles, but this is one of my favourites.

It’s actually a rework of a Spanish inspired song they did in 2013 called “Mermaid Of Salinas”, which appears on the 2014 album Junto. Much of the key elements remain the same, but “Mermaid of Bahia” is more stripped back, and in my opinion, is all the better for it.

The original track doesn’t feel that bloated but “Mermaid Of Bahia” keeps the most fun parts of the song, and so feels more joyous.

Being inspired by the Brazilian World Cup in 2014, it has more of that infectious samba energy the country is known for, as well as some great new Portuguese vocals. I just prefer it to “Mermaid of Salinas”.

The bass is bouncy, the vocal hook from the original song is catchy in any language, and the whole thing exudes carnival vibes like no tomorrow.

A perennial summer classic!

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