01/11/2018: “TRACK UNO” by KAYTRANADA

KAYTRANADA (caps lock is off, that’s just how it is…) is one of those rare beat makers, in the same sort of ballpark as FlyLo and Mssingno, who create sheer magic when they mess about on a computer.

His album 99.9%, released in 2016 to critical acclaim, contains a wide variety of styles, mainly revolving around an axis of funk, but encompassing a lot of hip hop and trap too, with a fair amount of dance orientated songs. “TRACK UNO” is one of those.

The song is built around a sample from the 1982 funk track “I Figure I’m Out Of Your Life” by Delegation. The original hook is sped up slightly, but the wavy effects on it make for a slow, dreamy ride. There’s a certain retrofuturistic feeling to the proceedings, as the old sample is recycled in a new way, with a 4 to the floor percussion loop pushing the song forward.

The chilled out, nonchalant bassline fits in perfectly to the overall carefree nature of the song, creating an experience that I can only describe as a sonic Pina Colada.

I am taking the unprecedented step of providing two videos; one has the full track, and the other has proper sound quality!

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