02/11/2018: “Chase” by Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder is a highly significant figure in the history of electronic dance music. Because of his pioneering work in Italo-disco circles in the early 70s, it is no great exaggeration to say that the majority of today’s dance music can be traced back, however tenuously, to him.

The list of big film soundtracks and the hit songs he has produced is stunning. He’s obviously got a bit of an ear for music, I’ll say that much!

It’s a long list but some include the soundtracks to Top Gun (1986), Midnight Express (1978), Cat People (1982), and Scarface (1983). He collected Grammies like they were about to stop giving them out!

Although the man would disagree with me himself, picking “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin as his favourite production, I personally feel that “Chase”, off the 1978 Midnight Express soundtrack, is his best song.

It’s an epic affair in its full form, spanning about 13 minutes of futuristic, spaced out disco.

It’s a disco masterpiece, with a heavy flanging effect creating an eerie atmosphere, and an arpeggiated bassline resolutely spiralling around throughout. The main synth melody is a killer; and why wouldn’t it be?

The song feels almost orchestral in parts, with a complexity and progression that makes it a fine song indeed. The drums too, have a metallic shuffle to them which feels special even after all this time.

Truly the Father of Disco!

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