02/02/2021: “Age Of The Train” by International Teachers Of Pop

This is very much art school Synthpop. It’s classy, fairly tame, and tries hard to be groundbreaking. I don’t know how much it succeeds on that front, but it’s certainly interesting. In any case, it sits prettily within a wider tradition of British synth bands.

Instead of guitars, you get electro synths overlaid with dramatic strings. Credit where it’s due – the song is a zesty one. It punches hard.

Age Of The Train is the name of a documentary presented by Jimmy Savile, which has understandably aged badly, much to the obvious delight of the band. Tongue in cheek doesn’t fully describe it!

They are actually making a point though. British trains are a bit rubbish compared to the rest of Western Europe, especially up North, where the Sheffield-based band have doubtless got some experience of the train system.

This song saw the light of day in 2019 on International Teachers Of Pop.

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